Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I like A Nice Cup Of Coffee In The Morning ……

I like tea more than coffee. There I’ve said it. It’s true. For an everyday drink that is refreshing you cannot beat starting the day with a nice cup of tea. (A mix of breakfast and earl grey with milk is just about perfect). But there is something about coffee that is really appealing. For a start I love the bewildering array of choice that you have just to begin the process. You can have Turkish, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Mocha or Americano; and that’s before you start selecting the origin of the beans – Guatemala, Africa, Java, Hawaii ……… the list is almost endless. The actual process of grinding the beans and then producing the coffee is an art form. It becomes a comforting process in which the full ranges of auditory, olfactory and kinaesthetic senses are used. I love preparing, making (and of course tasting) coffee. It is the perfect way to end a meal and the ideal mid morning perk-me-up. If only I enjoyed drinking it as much as tea.

Blur – Coffee & TV
Squeeze – Black Coffee in Bed

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Theres Nothing on the TV, Nothing on the Radio

Went to Wales Rally GB at the weekend, and apart from getting wet and muddy had a great time. As usual the event was dominated
by the Scandinavian drivers and they took the majority of the top places. Now this got me thinking. Scandinavians have often been vilified for their lack of musical talent (Norwegians at Eurovision springs to mind), so what is around at the moment that is Scandinavian and good? After all, at all other levels of art the Nordic countries have produced the goods. Strindberg, Bergman, Ibsen, Hallstrom ......... the list is considerable with artists, writers, composers and filmmakers, but popular music? All right there was ABBA but they have never floated my boat. More recently of course, Gwen Stafani and Roxette - woooh! There is, however, a very positive side and my choices for today reflect this. There is no doubt (no pun intended) that there is thriving musical scene, in Sweden in particular, and long may it continue.


Shout out Louds - The Comeback

The Hives - Main Offender
Razorlight - America (alright a bit dodgy but ....)

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