Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So by deleting the post I did before christmas I reckon that this now becomes your 99th post and that means that rather than sitting around like for the last few months saying 'I think I'll do this for my hundredth post' and having established that the next Friday 29th February doesn't fall until 2036 (thank you darlin') so you're not falling back on the 'I'm sorry I only post on Friday 29th February' excuse, you can use this as the impetus to start blogging again. Don't go telling me about deadlines for Year 11 marking, we've had so many deadlines for year 11 marking this year and we've waved them all goodbye as they've receeded into the distance. It will be done.

Listen, enjoy, get on with it.

Belle and Sebastian - Your Cover's Blown mp3
The Cure - The Caterpillar (unplugged) mp3
The Decembrists - Billy Liar mp3