Thursday, November 01, 2007

On A Long Black Leash

It's Contrast Podcast time again which you can find right here. Yet again this rather fine series has produced the goods with the tempting theme of lust. And yet again some more the Vicar has failed to make his own entry. Oh dear.

I will rectify this in the future. I know this is probably just procrastination but I earnestly believe that I really want to change and add my pennysworth to the melting pot. I think that I will go throught the back catalogue of podcasts and make my own choices. There that's a start of sorts. I told you I would act. Don't hold your breath too long though.

Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf (mp3) Buy

Ben Harper - Touch From Your Lust (mp3) Buy


Crash Calloway said...

Okay, here's your comment, now get started again!

Tutu Vicar said...

Alright alright - fair enough. You can be so demanding Mr Calloway.