Friday, October 01, 2010

Folk on Friday

Sween Men

Although I love folk music I’ve never been one for the ‘finger in your ear’ warble that some folk musicians produce and gives the genre a bad press amongst disbelievers. Time to establish some favourite pieces on a Friday evening.

Sweeney’s Men (for those who don’t know) were only around from 1966-1969. They were a part of the 60’s folk revival that was occurring all over the UK and Ireland and really struck a chord (ahem) with their musicianship and reinterpretation of traditional Irish songs. What I really like though, is the way they introduce new instruments borrowed from other folk traditions and use this as a starting point for writing their own pieces.

‘Dreams For Me’ is typical of these influences and is a beautiful song. Written by Terry Woods it has a lovely arrangement that almost outdoes Nick Drake in its soft pathos. One for a roaring fire on a cold rainy day with a glass of single malt. Hang on a minute ….

Sweeney’s Men – Dreams For Me


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