Saturday, May 16, 2009

Greatest Albums of the 80's Part 2

By contrast to 'The Luxury Gap' the release of 'The Hounds of Love' in 1985 was greeted with almost universal acclaim. And rightly so. After the relative failures of 'The Dreaming' (at least in a commercial sense) Kate Bush seemed at the pinnacle of her powers. The album was commercial enough to satisfy the pop lovers yet musically diverse to keep the legions of hard core fans on board. The big hits all come with the first few songs (Top 10 side 1's of all time is a future posting methinks), but then we have the experimentation of side 2 which provides the extraordinary longevity of the album. Both 'Waking the Witch' and 'Jig of Life' are fantastic. Miami Vice even chose to feature part of 'Hello Earth' in one of their episodes which provoked a storm of interest in the US.

It is always hard for me to choose my favourite Kate production but I guess this would be the album (gatefold of course) I would take to my desert island. Both visual and aural pleasure - yum.

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting (mp3)

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